Over 100 Years in the Making . . . Pate Family Farms is one of the leading families that pioneered growing and
baling alfalfa in this South West region of the United States.  Nestled between Phoenix and Tucson Pate Family Farms owns and leases
its farm land.  We are able to control quality and consistency of our crops grown through our world class management practices with our
direct control of the farms.  We own patents on technology we have developed on-farm that controls our fertilization process increasing
quality and robustness of growth of our crops.  No other farm can offer this type of technology to dial-in optimum growth and feed value.
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Pate Family Farms
an Arizona General Partnership, USA
Strategic Partnerships that Pate Family Farms maintains insures you can get more of what you want.  If you are looking to increase your
product purchases in the future Pate Family Farms can accomodate your needs by incrementally planting more of what is required by our
customers.  Our alliances are with the best growers in the area those that have proven the test of time and are excellent growers of
unsurpassed quality.
The Pate Family has been very
supportive of the following
organizations for many generations:
note: all pictures shown on website were taken at Pate Family Farms
Janelle Pate cell/text 480-437-4057
Russell Pate cell/text 602-341-5292
  • Unlike other farms we are on the farms daily and we have a flat
    organization and are involved in all activities to make sure quality
    is number one.

  • NO GMO forage, we do not use genetically modified alfalfa as
    there have been some undocumented reports that it causes some
    fertility issues with feeding.

  • Trusted none-GMO registered alfalfa seed is used for forage: we
    plant the following brands:   Pioneer  -   KUF  -  Cibola
What's new for 2015 ?
last update June 10, 2014
We are currently planting a
Bermuda / Teff Mix.  
Expected cut date is late
May 2015.  This will be a
excellent feed by mixing
the two grasses.